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Wellbutrin Helpful for Cocaine Addicts with ADHD

By Dr. Emily Kensington

Adult cocaine addicts who also suffer from ADHD may benefit from Wellbutrin, according to doctors at Columbia University's Department of Psychiatry.

Their research appeared show that it was as effective for the treatment of adult ADHD as Ritalin.

There is a well-establish link between ADHD and cocaine use. Cocaine users are more than 4 times as likely to have ADHD than those who don't use cocaine.

This has lead researchers to suggest perhaps many cocaine users suffer from undiagnosed cases of ADHD and are self-medicating.

However, the potential life-threatening risks associated with cocaine such as heart attack, respiratory failure, stroke, seizure, addiction and death outweigh possible benefit.

The patients who participated in the study reported a significant decrease in their craving and short-term use of cocaine. Subjects also reported improved attention, and decrease in impulsive behaviors.

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