Tofranil Review

Important Info For Users By Dr. Kensington

Tofranil is a prescription medication used to treat depression.

It is believed to work by interacting with the brain's neurochemicals that contribute or cause the symptoms of depression.

This medication is in a class of antidepressants called Tricyclic antidepressants.

Tricyclics are an older class developed in the 1950's. Because they tend to cause more side effects than subsequent or more recent classes of antidepressants, they are rarely used anymore.

Today, however, they still retain medical use. For example, Tricyclics are currently used to treat pain, sleep disorders, and other conditions.

Tofranil Side Effects

The effects of antidepressants may include dry mouth, drowsiness, constipation, dizziness, increased appetite, weight gain, and blurry vision. These symptoms may occur in a small percentage of people taking this medication.

Be sure to report any side effects to your doctor right away, in particular be sure to report any severe or unusual reactions. 

Weight Changes

In a small percentage of patients taking this antidepressant, weight changes may be a side effect. This can include weight loss or weight gain. See this important information regarding antidepressants and weight changes.

Suicide Warning

There may be an increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors when taking antidepressants, particularly for children, teens, and young adults. Read this important warning about antidepressants and suicide.

As a result, report any thoughts of self-harm or hopelessness to your doctor and loved ones right away when taking this medication.

Pregnancy Warning

In addition, there may be an increased risk of various birth defects and miscarriages when antidepressants are taken by women during pregnancy. See this warning about antidepressants and pregnancy.

The bottom line is that if you are pregnant or thinking about starting a family while taking this prescription mediation, inform your prescribing doctor right away. Your doctor can arrange a treatment plan that protect both mother and developing baby.

Alcohol Warning

Alcohol consumption is not advised when taking this medication. Alcohol is a depressant drug that increases symptoms of depression. Therefore, it should not be consumed by those who suffer from depression. Combining antidepressants and alcohol places one at increased risk of depressive relapse, suicide, etc.

In addition, both antidepressants and alcohol inhibit and impair a person's ability to drive vehicles and operate heavy machinery. Those who consume alcohol or antidepressants should not drive as it places them at increased risk of accidents, hurting themselves and others, etc. 

For more information, read this important warning about antidepressants and alcohol.

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