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"Take Control Of Your ADHD" Program Review

By Dr. Emily Kensington

The "Take Control Of Your ADHD!" book and program stands out because it is written from the perspective of an adult with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder who is also the father of two children with ADD/ADHD.

In this book, author Ron Rougeaux details how he overcame ADHD. He explains how he received D's in high school and eventually became a successful commercial airline pilot.

His story is nothing short of inspiring.

He also details how he raised his two children to overcome ADD/ADHD and lead successful lives and careers.

Sufferers of ADD/ADHD and parents of children with ADD/ADHD will instantly relate to his first person accounts and practical solutions. Parents with children who suffer from ADD/ADHD, such as myself, will also relate to the challenges of raising children with the condition.

A Peek Inside

The book lists the perfect jobs for someone with ADD/ADHD that take advantage of the natural strengths and gifts of those of with the condition. These tend to be jobs that have a dynamic, faster-paced element and lack a boring day to day routine.

It also contains a guide for parents of children with ADD/ADHD and how to tap your child's natural strengths and abilities.

What I found most practical were the tips for managing money and finances, how to get organized at work and home, and tips for improving social interactions including dating and friendships.

This is important because these are some of the biggest challenges for children and adults who suffer from ADD/ADHD.

Further, he explains how to find ADHD specialists, tips for relaxing and falling asleep, diet tips, the medication debate, exercise tips, herbal and holistic remedies, how to create a calm home, the legal rights of those with ADD/ADHD, and much more.

Free Bonus Books

”Let's Get Organized”

”How To Set Goals Successfully”

”How To Avoid Procrastination”

”How To Improve Your Credit Score”

”Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!”

”The Might Of Character Building”

Plus These Free Bonus Reports

Report #1: Getting Projects Finished for the Adult ADD/ADHD

Report #2: Suggestions for Parents with an ADD/ADHD Child

Report #3: ADD/ADHD Diet

Report #4: Coping Strategies

Report #5: ADD/ADHD Test and Testing

Report #6: Brain Testing

Report #7: Adult ADD/ADHD

Free Trial

The free 60 day trial makes the Take Control Of Your ADHD program make this program a no-brainer for anyone struggling with ADD/ADHD.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this is the ultimate guide to help children and adults with ADHD take control of their lives. It is a ticket to freedom.

"Take Control Of Your ADHD!" is a book that will show you how to use your ADD/ADHD to your advantage in your professional and personal life.

By setting goals, utilizing time management, choosing complimentary careers, properly managing finances, improving social skills, and other approaches, children and adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can not only survive, but thrive.

Buy "Take Control Of Your ADHD!"

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