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ADHD Treatment That Is Safe And Effective

Finding effective ADD treatment can be daunting, but it need not be. Speaking as a doctor who specializes in treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and as the mother of a son with ADHD, I have seen numerous success stories. 

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You can thrive and become successful with ADHD. It often requires developing healthy new habits, learning new organizational skills, improving social skills, finding the right medication balance, etc. but it can be done.

And anyone can learn how to do this, whether you are a parent looking to help your child with ADHD, or a teen or adult suffering from ADHD.

You may falter at first, but that is OK as long as you get back up. Resilience is always rewarded.

With a little application, kids can excel at school and lead bright futures never thought possible. Adults can reinvent themselves, find jobs that compliment their new healthy lifestyle, and build happy, healthy social relationships.

Since my son did not respond well to stimulants such as Ritalin and Adderall, and since I was leery of over-medicating my child, I’ve tried just about all of the new ADHD supplements and behavioral programs.

Please use the information here to learn how to live well despite your challenges. A new life is possible.

Focus Formula

One of the things that makes ADHD so problematic for ADHD sufferers is that it causes deficits in executive functioning such as the ability to plan work assignments, basic organization skills, planning deadlines, planning for the future, executing a plan, etc.

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Many of us take these skills for granted, but without them it is almost impossible to succeed at school, work, maintain peer relationships, etc. 

What Focus Formula does is level the playing field by helping to correct all of those imbalances.

Its herbal mix contains plants that have been used in traditional and eastern medicine for thousands of years.

Ingredients such as Gingko Biloba, Skullcap, Gotu Kola, and chamomile all increase the flow of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the brain.

Focus Formula is essentially a super brain booster that enhances one's ability to focus, concentrate, stay on task, reduce hyperactivity, and improve mood.

For: Children, teens, or adults with ADHD. Best for mild to moderate cases of ADHD, but I've seen it effective in cases of severe ADHD too.

Pros: No side effects, no risk of addiction. Good for those who find stimulant medications ineffective. A great option for those with no health insurance because it is far less expensive than major pharmaceutical offerings (Ritalin, Adderall, etc.).

How It Is Administered: Use the dropper to place drops of Focus Formula into water or juice, let it dissolve, and sip regularly. Or you can drop directly into the mouth with the dropper.


For: Children, teens, and adults with ADHD.

Created by a clinical psychologist, BrightSpark was specifically formulated to alleviate symptoms of hyperactivity.


In this regard, BrightSpark is the perfect compliment to Focus Formula.

Uncontrollable hyperactivity not only results in children repeatedly getting into trouble at school, but it makes it virtually impossible to earn good grades and to maintain friendships.

After all, who wants to hang out with someone who is completely out of control?
Ingredients: Herbs such as Hyoscyamus, Arsen iod, and Argent nit help quiet mania, talkativeness, interruptions and involuntary muscle movements. This helps children remain calm in class which increases their ability to focus, concentrate, earn better grades, etc. This makes it effective for taking tests, working on important projects, etc. 

In addition, Verat alb acts as a mood booster that combats the sullenness and mood swings which are also caused by ADHD. 

Pros: Alleviates hyperactivity. BrightSpark is gluten-free, non-addictive, vegetarian, does not cause side effects, and contains no artificial colors or preservatives. It is registered with the FDA as an ADD treatment.

How It Is Administered: Chewable tablets. You may also crush and dissolve the tablets in apple sauce, yogurt, or warm water.


For: ADHD sufferers of all ages.

Synaptol tackles the three common types of ADHD symptoms: inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.


It enhances overall learning ability by helping to focus the brain and relax mental and hyperactive impulses. 

Ingredients: Aconitum ferox, Adrenalinum, Aesculus hippocastanum, flos, Apis mellifica, Argentum nitricum, Avena sativa, Baptisia tinctoria, Cochlearia armoracia, Phosphorus, Scleranthus annuus, flos, Scutellaria lateriflora, Sumbul, and Viola odorata.

Pros: Can be used with other medications, no side effects, no risk of dependence,
It tackles ADHD on all fronts.

How To Use: Dissolve drops of Synaptol in water. It tastes slightly tangy. Or you can use the dropper to drop medicine directly in the mouth. Easy to use; just take twice daily.

Bottom Line: In my clinical experience, Synaptol works best for mild to moderate cases of ADHD, but some of my patients with severe ADHD experienced improvement too. It is not intended to replace any medications prescribed by your physician.

Recommended ADD Treatment Programs For ADHD Children And Their Parents

Total Focus Program

In my clinical opinion, the Total Focus Program is the gold standard of ADD treatment programs. It is an easy to follow ADD treatment guide designed to be used in the comfort of home.

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It teaches parents everything about ADHD, how to manage challenging behaviors, and how to improve focus, attention, and grades.

It comes with a free trial, and even includes a parent hotline for those times when you need immediate phone support. No other behavioral program matches this level of support.

I have used it with my own son and his behavior and grades improved dramatically. He reported increased ability to focus and he began to gain more self-confidence. For more information about this program, read my full review here.

Overcoming ADHD: A Guide For Parents

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Overcoming ADHD is a helpful program that was specifically created for parents of children suffering from ADHD. It teaches parents about ADD/ADHD, how to best help their children, natural treatment options, and perhaps most important: how to retain their sanity during the challenging process.

It comes with free bonus guides including inspirational stories about overcoming adversity, an extended interview with expert Carla Hannaford, a guide on how the brain learns and the importance of play, and more.

Bottom line:: It empowers parents to help their child overcome ADHD in a relaxed ("no need to panic or get overwhelmed") and easy-to-follow fashion.

Recommended ADD Treatment Guide For Adults With ADHD

How To Conquer ADD

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Many people believe that ADHD only affects children, and this is not true. Attention Deficit is a chronic condition that lasts through adulthood affecting roughly 4.1% of US adults (13 million people).

The How To Conquer ADD/ADHD program is a self-help guide specially developed by an adult with ADHD. It is essentially a roadmap to recovery.

This program helps adult ADHD sufferers get organized, maintain a schedule, job, manage money, maintain household responsibilities, resolve relationship problems, raise children while suffering with ADHD, how to avoid substance abuse or other impulsive or addictive behaviors, etc.

The real benefit of this guide is that it provides the concrete skills to enable any adult with ADHD to become successful. The sections about getting organized, becoming more functional at work/home, and money management tips are particularly essential for adults with ADHD.

Other ADD Treatment Options

The most common treatment for ADHD is ADHD medications such as Ritalin and Adderall. While these medications can be effective from some, they are also powerful stimulants that have drawbacks including unpleasant side effects (nausea, headaches, insomnia), risk of tolerance and addiction, and they tend to lose their effectiveness over time. 

Since my son did not tolerate Ritalin and Adderall very well, I tried various ADD natural remedies. They are herbal supplements with no side effects, no risk of dependence, and he found them to be as effective as Ritalin and Adderall.

In addition, there are other methods that are often an important part of any ADD treatment plan. The ADHD diet, ADHD behavior modification, neurofeedback for ADHD, and adult ADHD coaching should be included in the list of the best ADHD treatments.

Enjoy ADD Treatment!
Sincerely, Dr. Emily Kensington

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