Famous People With ADHD

This List Will Shock You!

This inspiring list of famous people with ADHD shows that those who suffer with this condition can thrive in all walks of life!

This list includes the world's richest business people, inventors who changed the world, athletes, actors, musicians, artists, and more. It also includes figures throughout history that significantly impacted our world.

Even though it is impossible to diagnose historical figures since they have long passed, many mental health experts concede that they showed clear ADHD symptoms.

This list is important because many ADHD sufferers have low self-esteem and think they are "stupid" or "slow." This is clearly not true, so show this list to them and make their day brighter!

Famous People With ADHD

Michael Phelps (the most successful Olympian ever)

Adam Levine (Maroon 5, judge on the hit television show "The Voice")

Terry Bradshaw (Hall Of Fame Quarterback)

Bill Gates (Microsoft founder)

Tom Cruise

Ted Turner

Michael Jordan

Jim Carey

Robin Williams

Sylvester Stallone

Stephen Spielberg

Jack Nicholson

John Lennon

Albert Einstein

Magic Johnson

famous people with adhd

Elvis Presley

Pete Rose

Dustin Hoffman

Prince Charles

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Andrew Carnegie

Winston Churchill


Bill Cosby

Walt Disney

famous people with adhd 2

Robert Frost

Vince Lombardi

Malcolm Forbes

Jason Kidd

Henry Ford

Ozzy Osbourne

Stevie Wonder

Salvador Dali

Alfred Hitchcock

Joan Rivers

John F. Kennedy.

Whoopi Goldberg

Richard Branson

Will Smith

William Randolph Hearst

Ernest Hemingway

Bill Hewlett (founder of Hewlett Packard

Alfred Hitchcock

Shane Victorino (baseball all-star)

Famous Figures From History

Now let's include those overachieving folks who, according to the historical record, their own statements, known behaviors, and other information, displayed clear signs of ADHD but who lived prior to today's sophisticated testing. While we can't make definitive diagnostic conclusions, these folks certainly displayed what are now considered ADHD symptoms.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Benjamin Franklin

Thomas Edison


Henry Ford

Sir Issac Newton


Abraham Lincoln

Alexander Graham Bell

The Wright Brothers

Virginia Woolf

Samuel Clemens

Samuel T. Coleridge

Christopher Columbus

Emily Dickinson

F.W. Woolworth (founder of Woolworth's stores)

Vincent Van Gogh


Recognizing The Contributions Of Those With ADHD

I compiled this list in order to help combat the negative stereotypes about people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Many people mistakenly think that folks with ADHD are "stupid" or "undisciplined." The truth is that folks with ADHD have different strengths and view the world a little differently than most people.

Why This Is Important...

Recognizing that some of these folks prospered and changed the world by overcoming their challenges is one thing, but I and many folks with ADHD themselves will argue that ADHD has provided them with certain advantages over those without ADHD. A quick mind, laser focus, endless energy to devote to their calling, are just a few examples.

In other words, ADHD helped them become who they are. For more information on this see ADHD Advantages.

Bottom Line

So next time you hear someone belittle a person with ADHD, or if you have a friend or a loved one that suffers from ADHD who may be feeling down, show them this list.

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