Adult ADHD Coaching

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Adult ADHD coaching helps alleviate the common daily challenges of living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Coaching helps sufferers become more organized, improve time-management skills, and helps them identify and meet goals.

Coaching is essential because the most widely utilized form of ADHD treatment - medication - does not teach the skills that ADHD sufferers need to become successful. 

Coaching can take various forms such as helping sufferers turn goals into concrete step-by-step actions, providing encouragement and recommendations, and using motivation and rewards to maintain positive momentum.

One of the immediate benefits of coaching is that it helps sufferers get organized at home and the office, since disorganization is one biggest challenges facing those with ADD/ADHD.

The first coaching session typically involves the coach gathering information about the client's goals and expectations. A treatment plan is developed, and meeting times and fees are agreed upon.

Regular meetings and some type of check-in procedures are a vital part of the coaching process, and sessions can be conducted in person, by phone, e–mail, or tele-conferenceing depending on the client preference.

Remember, a coach is not your therapist or personal assistant. Rather, their goal is to empower sufferers to be able to manage the condition on their own by developing healthy coping skills. In essence, a good coach's goal is to coach themselves out of a job.

Adult ADHD Coaching: Examples And Techniques

Put simply, ADHD coaching methods are often simple and practical, making them easy to remember and utilize. For example, they often use color-coding methods to help those with ADD/ADHD remember important things such as deadlines or important files.

They can help clients create a calm space, free of debilitating distractions. They can help with task management such as teaching clients to break down large tasks into smaller one. They assist with time-management such as helping sufferers organize mini-breaks during tasks.

Coaches also help sufferers manage other areas such as emotions and mood. They may arrange regularly scheduled “fun” or “freak-out” times where clients select and engage in a rewarding (but safe) activity.

They can help introduce healthy habits such as diet, exercise, yoga, or progressive relaxation methods that have all been shown to relieve the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Also, coaches may develop a safety or crisis plan that clients can use when they are having a bad day. This may include a list of supportive people to call, a stress-relieving activity, a positive statement or mantra that is meant to be spoken aloud, etc.

Recommended ADHD Treatment For Adults

You can instantly speak, chat, or email your own private ADHD coach here.

There is also a useful program you can use at home at your own pace called  How To Conquer Adult ADHD. This inspirational guide was developed by an adult with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and he documents the exact steps he used to enable him to overcome his ADHD and become highly successful.

He details what he did to successfully become more focused, offers tips for effectively managing money, how to be successful both at home and on the job, how to handle friendships and romantic relationships, tips for raising children while suffering from ADHD, and more.

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