Best ADHD Support Groups

ADHD support groups are a helpful resource for individuals, parents, and families dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

As a doctor who treats ADHD, and as the mother of a son with ADHD, I have first-hand experience both facilitating and benefiting from support groups in different capacities.

There are numerous benefits to joining a support group, which is why support groups are so popular around the world.

For one, there is power in numbers, and a sense of relief that you are not alone. For individuals with ADHD, it is encouraging and empowering to meet others who are experiencing similar challenges. Fellow support group members understand your daily challenges, and they can also offer advice and solutions.

People generally tend to feel alone in their suffering, but all of that changes when you join a group that not only understands you, but actively helps you to overcome your challenges. It's like coaching, but you get access to many quality coaches.

And let us not forget the parents/caregivers of children with ADHD and spouses, friends or family of those with ADHD. The same principles apply. 

Where To Find ADHD Support Groups

One of the biggest groups with the most helpful resources is CHADD, which has a map of support groups throughout the United States. In addition, offers a list of adult support groups and features a live internet support chat.

Since support is offered in various forms it is only a matter of discovering which is most preferable and convenient.

One of the more refreshing, yet often indirect, experiences that results from attending support groups is how empowering it is to be with others who also suffer from ADHD. They understand first-hand the challenges of the condition.

Another important benefit of support groups is empowerment. It enhances self-esteem to be in the company of others who do not necessarily consider ADHD to be negative. You'll find that many support group members consider ADHD to be a gift with benefits that gives them unique talents and a unique way of viewing the world.

Rather than lamenting the condition, most of my clients (and my son) who suffer from ADHD would not trade places with anyone else because it is a large component of their unique strengths, abilities and personalities.

Once this concept is understood and internalized, tremendous positive change occurs both in the individual with ADHD and the world around them.

For these reasons, support groups can be a powerful advocate for individuals with ADHD, who in turn then act as powerful advocates for ADHD in the greater community.

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