Types Of ADHD Physicians

What They Do And Where To Find Them

There are many different types of ADHD physicians that are all qualified to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Such physicians often come from different medical specialties and, as a result, utilize different diagnostic approaches, treatments and services.

Those who are getting tested and newly treated for ADHD will likely get referred to some of these types of providers.

Therefore, it helps ADHD sufferers and their caregivers (parents) to become familiar with what type of services they offer. That said, let's take a look at the different types of ADHD treatment providers.

General Physicians

When a child begins to exhibit ADHD symptoms at school and home, parents often bring the child to the family doctor for a referral.

The doctor may recognize obvious ADHD symptoms, and refer the family to other service providers who specialize in diagnosing and treating ADHD.

Tip: While general physicians can technically prescribe ADHD medications, this is not recommended. Always take your child (or yourself, if you are an adult with ADHD) to a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating ADHD.


Psychiatrists treat psychiatric disorders. Psychiatrists attend medical school and then perform rotations in mental health settings where they are trained to diagnose and treat mental health disorders.

They mainly prescribe ADHD medications, but some may perform therapy. Depending on your location, it may be difficult to find a board-certified chid psychiatrist that specializes in treating ADHD in your area. If your are lucky to have such psychiatrists in your area, they may be very busy which makes securing timely appointments a challenge.


Neurologists study, diagnose, and treat disorders of the nervous system. They can provide testing and diagnostic services, and prescribe ADHD medications. However, they do not provide counseling or behavioral health services.

Behavioral And Developmental Pediatricians

Developmental and behavioral pediatricians typically treat children between 5-12 years of age. They specialize in treating behavioral and developmental disorders in children, including ADHD. They are qualified to diagnose and treat ADHD, and can prescribe ADHD medications.

Other ADHD Treatment Providers

Other than ADHD physicians (who hold medical degrees), the most common type of ADHD service providers are mental health professionals. These include psychologists, therapists (licensed clinical social workers, LCSW's), licensed professional counselors (LPC's), and coaches.

Often, seeking treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder will likely bring you into contact with all of these different providers, who all provide different, but important, aspects of treatment.

Where To Find ADHD Physicians

Consult the list of preferred treatment providers that is provided by your insurance company. Also, your child's child-study team at school may provide referrals and recommendations. They may even provide many services for free.

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