ADHD Marriage Success

Tips For Married Folks With ADHD

An ADHD marriage can be challenging because the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can hinder the development and maintainance of healthy relationships.

Let's face it, the common behavioral hallmarks of ADHD - inattention, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, excessive talkativeness - are generally not the ideal romantic dream of most partners or spouses.

These common ADHD symptoms can negatively impact one's ability to hold a job, maintain friendships, manage money, and maintain everyday household responsibilities.

However, achieving a successful ADHD marriage or relationship is not only possible, but increasingly more likely when one takes steps to overcome the challenges. This is done by both partners in order to achieve understanding and harmony.

Helpful Tips

1) Seek Treatment. If you suffer from ADHD, or fear you may have ADHD, first take the ADHD test. If positive, investigate the many adult ADHD treatment options. Read about the many ways to help manage ADHD, so there is no reason to suffer alone. Also, understand that your ADHD, left untreated, will often result in negative consequences at home and work.

2) Communicate With Your Partner Or Spouse. What challenges are currently preventing both partners from being fulfilled in the relationship? Does your partner with ADHD constantly interrupt your conversations? Are they messy? Forgetful? Poor money management?

Rather than yelling or nagging about it, can the partner without ADHD express their frustration and work with their loved one to resolve the conflict? Can the partner with ADHD make a legitimate effort to manage their condition? If yes, the chance of a successful union increases dramatically.

3) Recognize, And Take Advantage Of, Strengths. For example, if your partner who suffers from ADHD has poor money management skills but is great at other work around the house, then divvy up those tasks with that in consideration.

Put that ADHD energy to good use through yardwork and exercise. Such physical activity also helps relieve the symptoms of ADHD. In addiction, those who suffer from ADHD can be hyper-focused on certain things which may also be put to good use.

4) Recommended Program And Book

If you are having marriage problems, the Us Factor Program is an easy-to-follow instructional guide that provides couples the skills they need in order to have a loving relationship.

Also, in the book ADD In Intimate Relationships: A Comprehensive Guide For Couples, Dr. Daniel Amen teaches couples how to overcome the challenges of ADHD and experience happy and romantic relationships. He is a world-renowned brain researcher, best-selling author, holistic health guru, and hosts popular PBS specials.

Advice For Spouses Of Those With ADHD

As for the partners of those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, first consider the traits of your partner that you find attractive.

Often, this is related to ADHD symptoms such as being highly energetic, outgoing, and risk taking, which can be a lot of fun and attractive to others.

Recognize and appreciate the aspects of your spouse or partner that endear you, and work to understand and compromise when dealing with the challenges. Educating yourself about ADHD is the first step.

TIP: The partner with ADHD must take responsibility for the treatment of their condition. A huge stress on relationships occurs when the partner with ADHD continually makes excuses for the negative impact of ADHD on their relationship without doing anything to improve the situation.


In the end, a successful ADHD marriage or ADHD relationship is possible with a little education, understanding, and teamwork. It begins with honest assessments of how ADHD affects the relatinship, both good and bad. Then working together to develop a joint plan of action that enables each partner to be happy and thrive.

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