Best ADHD Forums

ADHD forums are internet discussion forums, usually in the form of chat rooms or online message boards. They are basically online discussion sites where users can post messages and engage in ongoing conversations on a given topic.

Online forums can be a fantastic resource for sufferers of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, their families, caregivers, teachers, mental health providers, and anyone else affected by ADHD.

Forums can be a good place to get information, ask for advice, share your tips, get support, and much more. The best forums even offer expert opinions and have ADHD doctors and ADHD treatment professionals on hand to lend their knowledge and experience. 

In addition, some folks are isolated geographically or socially, and may not have ADHD support groups in their area. For such folks, online forums are a great outlet.

Also, it is empowering to engage with others who are experiencing the same challenges as you. People tend to feel isolated in their suffering. There is strength in numbers, and it is a relief to know that you are not alone.

And with the invention of the internet, there is literally a whole world of potential support and resources at your disposal.

Recommended Forums

adhd forums

Some of the more popular and most helpful message boards are located at the following sites:

ADDitiude Magazine: Online Magazine For Those With ADD/ADHD

ADHD News: Offers Manage Comprehensive Resources For ADHD Sufferers

Living With ADD

HealthBoards: Forums For Different Sub-Groups Such As A Great Adult ADHD Forum Offers Many ADHD Resources Chat Room and Message Boards Catered Toward Parents

ADHD Taking Control: General ADHD Email-Based Discussion Group Offers Many ADHD Resources. Offers Live Internet Support Chat Leading Mental Health Consumer Site Chat Room For Children And Adults With Learning Disorders

In addition, there are specialized message boards located at the following sites:,, and

Some Helpful Tips For Posting On ADHD Forums

Remember to read the posting rules and guidelines prior to posting. It is helpful to "lurk" and observe for a while before submitting comments or questions. Don't post potentially offensive and inflammatory comments. Introduce yourself, but do not reveal any personal information (email, phone number, etc) in order to prevent identity theft.

Rule number one: enjoy! The more you contribute to the forums, the more you benefit. Participate in the ADHD community and you will reap the benefits.

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