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Adderall Withdrawal

Is Withdrawal From Adderall Dangerous? Find Out Here...

Adderall withdrawal generally does not occur in people who take the drug as recommended for legitimate medical purposes. Rather, withdrawal symptoms are most likely to occur in those who take high doses and who abuse the medication.

Although withdrawal is generally not life threatening, it can be uncomfortable. It can be so uncomfortable that people may start taking the drug again in order to relieve the withdrawal symptoms.

Adderall is a stimulant medication used to treat ADHD and common withdrawal symptoms may include changes in heart rhythm including rapid heart rate, depressed mood, and tired or extreme fatigue. If you experience any of these symptoms while taking this medication, report them to your prescribing medical professional.

Although withdrawal is generally not life-threatening, it can be very uncomfortable. It can be so uncomfortable that people will start taking Adderall again in order to relieve the symptoms.

Also, if pregnant women take this drug the baby may have withdrawal symptoms post delivery. If you are pregnant and taking this medication, talk with your healthcare provider about the safety of using the drug during pregnancy.

How To Avoid Withdrawal

If this medication is taken as prescribed, withdrawal is unlikely to result. Withdrawal usually occurs in people who do not take it as prescribed and regularly ingest large doses.

If you have been taking large doses of Adderall, inform your prescribing doctor or health care provider who may gradually wean you off the drug. In addition, they may be able to prescribe medications that can ease the withdrawal process and relieve or control adverse withdrawal symptoms.

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