Adderall And Alcohol

Are They A Potentially Deadly Combination?

Mixing Adderall and alcohol is a growing trend, particularly among the young.

Many of my younger patients, mostly college-age students, ask me about the potential risks of drinking alcohol while taking Adderall.

My answer is always the same: Drinking while taking any psychiatric medication is risky and potentially life-threatening.

Since Adderall is an Amphetamine-based stimulant, it may override the effects of alcohol which may lead some to inadvertently continue drinking.

Some report they do not feel any effects of alcohol, and some purposefully use it as a way to keep the party going. This approach could easily result in alcohol poisoning.

Therein lies the danger as the alcohol will still have the same detrimental effect on brain and body. It is important to remember that Adderall only temporarily offsets the effects of alcohol. It does not eliminate the negative depressant effects, it only masks them.

Adderall Abuse

To make matters worse, many users of Adderall are not only not taking the medication as prescribed, but many are obtaining it illegally in the form of borrowing from friends.

Many abuse Adderall for its stimulant properties: to lose weight, to crash study for exams, to stay alert, to drive all night, etc.

Also, if you're snorting Adderall, you will be at higher risk for negative side effects as snorting immediately releases the full effect at once. See this article about the dangers of Adderall snorting.

As a powerful stimulant, snorting may result in dangerous respiratory complications, cardiac arrhythmias, and paranoid or psychotic reactions.

Because the risks of taking Adderall include abuse and dependence, it is considered a controlled substance that must be used under the care and supervision of a doctor. Taking someone else's prescription medication is never advisable from a health standpoint, and is also illegal.

The Bottom Line About Mixing Adderall And Alcohol

When my patients ask me about mixing alcohol and Adderall, my answer is always "Not advised." Be smart; only take medications as prescribed. You should only be prescribed Adderall if you suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and only from an experienced ADHD treatment provider, not a general physician.

If you ignore the warnings and experience any severe or unusual side effecting while mixing alcohol and Adderall, see a doctor right away. Go to the nearest hospital emergency room, inform them of your situation, and they can administer treatment and medications to stabilize your condition.

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